What we do

We invest time and money in pioneering, digital, Cuba related companies. We help them to reach their full potential.


Why we do it

Through the success of our portfolio companies we aim to have a positive impact in the lives of employees, customers, shareholders and the whole of (Cuban) society. We are constant learners looking for personal and professional growth. Ultimately, we know that our mission will lead to financial benefits. We hold Cuba’s future dear.  Also: we love music, travel and technology.


How we work

Through large minority and majority equity participations, we add value with proven Management-, Financial-, Marketing-, IT- and General business know-how. We connect (with) the right people. By nurturing and coaching we help people to grow, both personally and professionally, so that their companies grow. In dealing with others, we look beyond race, sex or nationality. We have deep personal relationships with the people we work with. Whilst we are always open to exit opportunities, our participations are for an undefined period of time.

Our proven proces


The team


& Associates in: Corporate Finance, Marketing, IT, Legal, Tax

‘Vision without Traction is hallucination’

Eddie Lubbers 


Our portfolio (more coming soon)


‘Cuba’s #1

online travel agent’

Cuba Travel Network

Cuba Travel Network enables travellers to experience Cuba in the best possible way. Launched in 2002, the company is widely recognized as the pioneer in online travel to Cuba. Cuba Travel Network’s core values are: International Standards, Hospitality, Empathy, Local Roots and Persistence. (I-HELP)

Visit: CubaTravelNetwork.com

Destino Equity B.V.

Amsterdam Chamber of Commerce # 80957706